Army Body Fat Calculator

One tool that has proven effective in helping individuals to calculate their body fat in various parts of their body is an army body fat calculator.

An army body fat calculator will help you compute the amount of body fat in different parts of your body.

Keeping tabs of your body fat is crucial in monitoring your weight to ensure that you are not underweight and more importantly, ensuring you have the right amounts of body fat in the right places.

Use this free Tool;


Monitoring your body fat also helps you avoid the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes.

What makes this body fat calculator an exceptional calculator compared to other types of body fat calculator is that it is based on Standards of Medical Fitness and it is able to calculate specific amount of body fat in specific part of the body.

If an army body fat calculator is fit for army servicemen, then it must be very suitable for contestants in ensuring they have the right amount of body fat in the right places!

In a contemporary society that praises the physical beauty, scrutinizes how people look and dictates how one should look in terms of their type of body and the size of body, it becomes almost impossible for people not to compete to be the best-looking individuals.

From muscle-building contests and modeling showdowns to fashion competitions and beauty pageants, the runaways are a buzz with people trying to outsmart each other in achieving the ‘IT’ look.

If you dream of having a career in beauty pageants and laugh all the way to the bank, you need to have the ‘IT’ look to not only survive the cut-throat competition that characterizes beauty pageants but also, land million dollar deals.

Ways of Achieving the ‘IT’ Look

Achieving an ‘IT’ look requires a combination of factors and merely having a smiley face will not cut it.

You need to

1) Have Healthy- Looking Hair and Nails

For healthy looking hair, nourish your hair with a myriad of essential nutrients using hair treatments to help the hair grow in length, maintain a glow and achieve a silky texture.

A hair treatment done once in two weeks does wonders to the length, texture and body of your hair.

Avoid constant hair relaxing and heat drying , which weakens the roots of the hair leading to breakage.

Always trim split ends to give your hair a nice finish and use hair oils that are tailored for your type of hair

For healthy nails, avoid biting your nails even when nervous.

Indulge in regular hand massages to increase blood flow to your fingers and toes.

Avoid direct exposure to water and chemicals by using gloves.

Use quality nail products that contain lanolin and do not wear your nails too long

2) Have Flawless Skin

A flawless skin will surely win you some marks from the judges over your competitors and for this reason

Avoid direct exposure to the sun’s UV rays that damages your skin and has serious health implications such as increasing your risk for skin cancer.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin for a glowing look.

Opt for natural products that do not bleach or irritate your skin.

Drink large amounts of water preferably 8-10 glasses of water every day.

Have plenty of sleep and reduce your stress levels by engaging in stress-relieving activities such as yoga and meditation

3) Have your body fat right using army body fat calculator

A healthy looking and feeling body is the ultimate step towards winning beauty pageant trophies.

Most contestants in beauty pageants fall in the trapping of finding quick fixes for losing weight, which has dire consequences on their overall health.

Well- toned muscles resulting from regular physical workouts are better to look at than skinny physique resulting from diets and health conditions such as bulimia and anorexia.

Just because you look thin does not mean you have a healthy amount of body fat and for this reason you need to ensure that you not only have an ideal weight for a beauty pageant contestant but also have healthy body fat percentage and at the right places.

4) Be Smart

The society is fed up with dumb beauties and instead, the society is embracing and even applauding beauty with brains.

To be smart, take regular courses in communication to enhance your interpersonal and communication skills.

Read widely from magazines, newsletters, newspapers and the web to enhance your general knowledge.

Be updated on current happenings from global politics and economy to environment and arts.

Flawless hair, nails, body and skin integrated with brains is the ultimate and the well hidden secret to becoming a perpetual trophy holder in beauty pageants.

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