Body Fat Calculator

Know what your body fat percentage is by using our body fat calculator below

A body fat calculator calculates your percentage of body fat depending on your sex, weight and age.

Once you know how much body fat you have, you can then begin working on achieving healthy body.

Body fat percentage of 19-26% and 23-30% is considered outstanding for women aged 20-40 years and 40 years and above respectively.

While a body fat percentage of 10-20% and 19%-23% is remarkable for men aged 20-40yrs and 40+ respectively.

Losing body fat does not occur overnight, it requires patience and efforts from you.

Remember, as much as you need to lower your body fat percentage, ensure that the percentage does not go so low to be unhealthy.

Always maintain a healthy body fat percentage for a wowing post pregnancy body!

For The Women;

Achieving A Wowing Post Pregnancy Body!

The miracle of pregnancy is fascinating, one that even intrigues everyone.

When a woman discovers she is pregnant, she makes every effort to ensure her baby is well protected by avoiding strenuous work and limiting intake of things considered ‘bad for the baby’ such as alcohol and cigarette smoking.

There are so many things a pregnant woman expects when pregnant.

But few are ignorant or unprepared for the increase in the amount of body fat that comes with pregnancy.

It is recommended that pregnant women maintain high percentage of body fat in order to ensure safe pregnancy.

Once one has given birth, the hard task becomes how to lose the high percentage of body fat easily and safely in order to recover from pre-pregnancy weight.

Here Are A Few Ways Of Achieving A Wowing Post Pregnancy Body

1) Start Slow

Society is fascinated by global celebrities such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez among others who give birth only to reappear a few weeks later looking as if they were never pregnant to begin with.

What the majority of the public adoring these celebrities does not know is that, celebrities are paid to look the way they do and to recover as soon as possible when they undergo issues such as pregnancy.

In addition, they often spend thousands if not millions of dollars on specialized body treatments and hire professional body instructors and nutritionists dedicated to ensuring they return to their ideal body weights in a snap.

If you cannot afford such expenses, it is advisable to start slow and progress steadily by engaging in regular physical exercises.

This will ensure that you not only lose the body fat safely but also, ensure that you keep the body fat off.

It takes more than nine months for the body fat to accumulate and it should take similar amount of time and even more to come off.

Simple physical exercises you can engage in includes going to the gym, doing aerobics, swimming, doing crunches, jogging and rope skipping etc.,

2) Eat healthy

Losing body fat after child birth is an intricate affair that should be given a go-ahead by your doctor to ensure that you do not engage in diets and exercises that can injure or deteriorate your overall health and that of your baby’s.

If you are breastfeeding, the health of your baby depends on what you eat and drink.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you do not engage in diets that limit your intake of important body nutrients required by your baby and most importantly, by your body to recover after delivery.

Indulge in plenty of fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates found in whole grains and organic foods such as arrow roots and cassava, proteins especially plant proteins such as soya beans, and chew your nuts to obtain essential oils.

Water is equally required to hydrate your body and skin, giving you a glow.

Keep away from fizzy drinks and deep fried foods that contain high amounts of sugars and cholesterol that are not only bad for your health but also they can frustrate your efforts to lose body fat.

3) Monitor Your body Fat Percentage

Since regular physical exercises are essential in achieving a wowing post-pregnancy bod, there are a few things you need to take note to ensure that the exercises are working for you.


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