Calorie Calculator

The use of a calorie calculator can find out how many calories you need to lose or consume each day.

The secret to weight loss is ‘calories in calories out.’

You need to consume fewer amounts of calories than amounts expended to experience significant weight loss and as such a calorie calculator comes handy in figuring this out.

Other than when losing weight, you can also use a calorie calculator to calculate number of calories you need per day to maintain your present weight with or without exercising and to lose weight with or without exercising.

It is important that the goals you set for yourself are not only realistic and attainable but also aligned to your lifestyle.

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It can be very frustrating when you set the goal to jog for 45minutes every day in the evening only for you to skip the jogging sessions because you are busy at work.

Remember, the extra pounds you need to lose took time to accumulate and as such, require more time to come off.

The key is to persist, persist and persist!

Healthy Weight Management: How Not To Lose the Extra Pounds!

Let us face it, body image is among the most predominant aspects of life in modern society.

Every individual male or female, old and young, literate and illiterate and even rural and urban dweller strive to achieve a specific form of body image that they think will appeal to themselves and mostly to others.

The obsession with body image is driven by the materialistic contemporary society that teaches its people that to be the best you have to have a certain look, body size, body shape and even be or remain in a certain age.

You may have stepped on the scale lately and you are not particularly excited about the number that you see on the scale and much worse, what the number confirms about the way you have been feeling, sluggish and tired all the time.

Well, it is time you lost those pounds to not only achieve your ideal weight but also to safeguard your life from weight related complications and diseases.

Nevertheless, here is how not to lose your extra pounds

1. Skipping Meals

The immediate thought that comes into your mind when you find out that you have gained weight is that you need to eat less.

Although there is some truth to that since you need to check the portions of your meals to ensure that you not only eat a well- balanced diet but also ensure you are eating less than you are expending, do not skip meals.

Skipping meals trigger your body to go into defense mode where it signals the brain that you are starving and as a result, the body adapts to the low intake of food by converting every small amount of food you eat into fat.

You may notice slight weight changes but you can rest assured that the weight will return immediately you resume having your full meals.

Instead, consume your full meals and rather than eating three large meals, eat small portions of meals spread out through the day.

2. Skipping Regular Exercises

There is no magic in losing weight. Some efforts are required from you.

As much as you retain your ideal weight or lose some kilograms by sticking to diets that comprises of soups and juices, you will at one time plateau.

This is when you do not lose weight anymore since you begin spending less energy as you lose weight and the portions of meals, which once led to weight loss, will now simply maintain the weight.

When you plateau, no amount of soups can keep the weight off.

This is not the time to begin skipping exercises.

You do not need to sign up with costly instructors, instead make your work out simple by walking every day, doing crunches, jogging, swimming, skipping rope and you can always exercise along an aerobic DVD.

3. Failing to Plan Your Weight Loss Program

It is argued that failing to plan is planning to fail and this is certainly true when trying to lose weight.

You need to develop a weight loss plan that fits your time schedule and lifestyle.

One size- fit- all weight loss programs are not only impractical but they do not work.

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