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An ideal weight calculator will help you calculate what yours and your child’s ideal weight should be by factoring in gender, age, weight and height.

What makes an ideal weight calculator an ideal tool compared to other types of weight calculators is its ability to calculate very accurate and specific details for each person given that different people of the same age and height have varying body fat and as such have varying ideal weights.

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An ideal weight calculator can benefit both children, male and females.

In children, achieving an ideal weight is an essential part in deciding how much obese a child is and how much weight needs to be lost.

Among simple exercises your child can engage in includes play games such as tennis, football, basketball, cycling, swimming and even athletics.

An obese child can engage in jogging, skipping ropes, running and doing aerobics instead of lazing around watching televisions and playing video games.

Overcoming obesity is not an easy fete and as a result, a lot will be required from the victim and the entire family in terms of time and energy.

Helping Your Child Overcome Obesity

Obesity is defined as having excess body fat, which is to be distinguished from overweight that refers to weighing too much.

Reports by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that over the last three decades, cases of obesity has doubled and tripled among children and adolescents respectively.

Over one third of children and teenagers are obese, which accounts for 15% of children and teenagers in the United States.

With such grave statistics, it is possible that you know of children and teenagers from your neighborhood, nephew and nieces or even closer home, a son or daughter in the verge of being obese or who is already suffering from obesity.

With the severe implications that are associated with obesity such as disabilities and the increased risks of developing diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, heart ailments, sleep apnea, disabilities, blood pressure and hypertension etc., it becomes imperative for you to help them overcome obesity.

Ways of Helping Your Child Overcome Obesity

A key challenge to wellbeing in modern society, obesity has affected people from across the spectrum including children, adults and the elderly, male and females, rich and poor, literate and illiterate and all races.

When obesity affects those close to you especially children, sympathizing with them will not help and instead, you need to take decisive and informed steps and choices to ensure that the child overcomes the condition that includes

1) Cultivate An Inclusive Family Lifestyle Change;

Once you have identified the main cause of the child’s obesity, it is important that you embrace a healthy lifestyle change that does not only target the child but includes the whole family.

It can be quite difficult for a child to sustain healthy eating habits when they have to eat vegetables while other siblings enjoy creamy and sweet cakes, candies and smoothies.

Make it a habit for the entire family to eat the same kind of meals from breakfast, lunch and dinner, to snacks and beverages.

Make the process of overcoming obesity a family affair by eating and exercising together with the obese child. Do not isolate the obese child at any given time.

2) Monitor the child’s body weight using an ideal weight calculator

Since obesity is primarily having excess body fat, the ultimate solution must be to control the amount of body fat and reduce weight.

By reducing the amount of body fat it does not only help enhance the child’s overall health but also it helps revert obesity and obesity -related complications such as back pains and bone breakage.

So how do you help an obese child lose excess body fight and achieve an ideal healthy weight?

Take the child through a comprehensive exercise program but it is important you get a thumbs up from the family doctor.

Monitor the child’s body weight to ensure that they reach their healthy ideal weight and avoid the risk of them reducing too much weight.

One way you can ensure that the child achieves a healthy weight is by using an ideal weight calculator.

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