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You must have heard a million different opinions if you’re currently struggling to lose weight.

It’s true. Every person has a different opinion.

This can spell trouble for the serious weight loss pursuant.

You may resort to using various gadgets in an attempt to track and help reach your goals. Some may seem to work, while a majority of them would not.

However, you might just be missing the tool that almost always works. The weight loss calculator.

While you may have never given it a thought, a weight loss calculator can actually be your best friend when it comes to losing weight.

The surprising fact about this little genius of a tool is that it gives you fabulous results in record time without costing you anything at all!

Wouldn’t you be interested to know how you can achieve this kind of results?

weight loss calculator – An Overview

A typical weight loss calculator is a piece of software or script that can be used freely on the Internet.

It is available in the form of software or pieces of code that can be plugged into your own website or browser.

They are very handy and don’t take up too much memory.

The calculators are created to perform weight loss calculations in three methods:

1. Calculation based on the time required to reach your desired goal weight.

2. Calculation based on the daily deficit of calories to reach your goal weight.

3. Calculation of weight loss in a time period.

You can use any of these methods at any time (even switching between them) to get the best results for your goals.

Calculation based on the daily deficit tells you exactly how many more calories you burn than eat in a day.

For instance, if you eat 2000 calories and burn 3500, your deficit will be 1500 calories. That’s a huge number. It helps to know.

Weight Loss Calculator – The Calculation

Maintaining the same rate of weight loss is essential. You will be burning fewer calories doing the same kind of work when you start losing weight.

The weight loss calculator can guide you to adopt right practices.

Most calculators will give you the calculation in kcal (kilocalories).

You may opt for kJ (kilojoules) if you are more comfortable with that metric.

Once you select a calculator (or a method in the calculator) based on the above mentioned criteria, you can enter your current weight, goal weight, activity level, gender, age, height and the time period for your goal.

The weight loss calculator will give you results based on the type of query you have chosen.

With a little analysis, you can choose the path you need to take to accelerate or decelerate your weight loss to maintain a constant rate of loss.

Benefits of a Weight Loss Calculator

1. You can stay focused. By keeping a constant track of the daily deficit, or your time goals, you can remain motivated to achieve your goals.

2. The calculators are free. You may occasionally stumble upon something that asks you to pay, ignore it.

3. Lose weight fast. Without an accurate idea of your calorie intake, you cannot achieve your envisioned goals. The weight loss calculator helps you get a perspective of exactly how much you need to eat (or not) to experience faster results.

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